BBS Enduro Bulgaria

Enduro Holidays
in Bulgaria

Challenge yourself with endless wide-open trails or tight single tracks;
we have all the terrain on our doorstep.

This website is where you will find our collection of videos and image galleries from our #BBSAdventure Enduro holidays in Bulgaria.

BBSadventure started in 2016 after a visit to the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria and seeing just how special this area is for all aspects of enduro riding holidays. Enduro and motorcycle friendly people, great food, amazing mountains and forests, great value for money and that feeling of wilderness and extreme is right on our doorstep. 3000 meters tall mountains and 80,000 hectares of open access, wild land to play on.

We have all the terrain imaginable. Extreme Gold level enduro training areas, right down to easy street off road trails. We cater for all levels of rider ability. the very steepest climbs, Think Romaniacs terrain and you'll not be far wrong. High altitude, Steepest of climbs, endless off piste in the forest, fast, technical, widow makers, even an FIA motorcross circuit in the city. We have it all on our doorstep.

Now we have experience of nearly 100 guests (Sept 2018), mainly riding their own enduro bikes, shipped by our company Bulgaria bike shipping specialise in motorcycle transport from the UK to Bulgaria for adventure bike riders to create their own ride in the Balkans as we have so many amazing countries within a few ours or a days ride from our base in Samokov, just 45mins from Sofia airport.

We set up to showcase our guided tours in the Rila mountains, but soon we are to add loop routes or point to point enduro rides, Staying in different hotels every night as we traverse this glorious country finding the best routes to take you on, visiting the best sites of interest or just incredible and diverse riding in the Bulgarian wilderness.

You can ride your own bikes that we will ship for you, with this option, you don't need a bike licence! so you can have the ultimate family holiday. Or you can now rent the latest SWM RS enduro models, fully prepared for your enduro riding holiday in Bulgaria.

We hope you like our video galleries we have created, We are in no way professional photographers or video editors, but hopefully they capture some of the spirit of what we have on offer in Bulgaria. - No body takes you further.